Our teams of experts are available across Nigeria, offering advice on a wide array of businesses and corporate clients ranging from sole proprietorships to entrepreneurial small companies to large business organizations. We are ready to walk you through all phases of business and corporate law, including corporate formation such as registration of business name, incorporation of companies (private or public or limited by guarantee), and registration of incorporated trustee.


Are you a tenant? Have you been wrongfully evicted? Has your landlord refused to give you a receipt or a written agreement? Is your landlord always barging into your house to disturb your peace?

Or you are a landlord trying to find tenants or manage tenants or get rid of bad tenants?

Mmmm not to worry, whatever the need we are the Answer!

Our team of lawyers can help you prepare tenancy/lease agreements, find the perfect tenant, get rid of bad tenants, and help you as a tenant to exercise your rights when infringed on such as when you are being wrongfully evicted.

Some of your rights as a tenant

Right to be issued a payment receipt
Right to a written agreement
Right to peaceable enjoyment of property
Right to a valid notice to quit
Right to 7 days notice of intention to recover possession


Do you want to buy or sell properties? If yes, we are here to assist you with leasing, and or purchasing real property. From negotiation and drafting of letters of intent and binding agreements, through performance of due diligence and obtaining financing until closing of the transaction (purchase, sale, mortgage, and lease).

We will advise you on the purchase or sale of a property, and handle litigation in the representation of a wide range of property related disputes. We will also help you to invest, develop and manage properties.


At Instant Legal we have the experience and expertise to walk you through any employment issues which you may face. Whether you are changing jobs and need guidance on any restrictions which you may face in your existing employment contract or you have to deal with issues of discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations or wrongful termination or mistreatment, we will help you to achieve a positive resolution so that you can focus confidently on the future.


Debt and collection covers any issue concerning the collection of a debt, including mortgage debt, credit card debt, medical debts and personal debts. If you need help collecting a debt, a collection lawyer can help you gather evidence, send letters to your debtor, lodge a complaint, or help you pursue a lawsuit and get what rightfully belongs to you.


We help you protect valuable creations of the mind such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols and images used in business. Our services include registration of:

We also give you practical advice on:

Confidentiality agreements/Non disclosure agreements
Software development agreements
Software licensing
Mobile app agreement etc.


Our team of lawyers can assist you with any legal issue involving divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, paternity, adoption, or name change. Relationships are complicated. Let our team take care of the technical stuff.


Our team of experts can assist you with any legal issue involving a lawsuit against another individual, entity, company, or corporation. From arbitration to trial, you can trust that we will give you the best result.


At Instant Legal, we are ready assist you with any legal issue involving charges filed against an individual who has allegedly committed a crime. If you’re facing criminal charges or you want to charge someone else for a crime, our legal experts will help you build your best case.