Are you a tenant? Have you been wrongfully evicted? Has your landlord refused to give you a receipt or a written agreement? Is your landlord always barging into your house to disturb your peace?
Or you are a landlord trying to find tenants or manage tenants or get rid of bad tenants?
Mmmm not to worry, whatever the need we are the Answer!
Our team of lawyers can help you prepare tenancy/lease agreements, find the perfect tenant, get rid of bad tenants, and help you as a tenant to exercise your rights when infringed on such as when you are being wrongfully evicted.

Some of your rights as a tenant

Right to be issued a payment receipt
Right to a written agreement
Right to peaceable enjoyment of property
Right to a valid notice to quit
Right to 7 days notice of intention to recover possession
Has any of these rights been infringed on or you want to protect them before they are infringed on? We are only a message or call away.