At Instant Legal we have the experience and expertise to walk you through any employment issues which you may face. Whether you are changing jobs and need guidance on any restrictions which you may face in your existing employment contract or you have to deal with issues of discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations or wrongful termination or mistreatment, we will help you to achieve a positive resolution so that you can focus confidently on the future.

We provide quality legal representation and advisory services to both employers and employees. While ensuring compliance with relevant labour laws and regulations, we aid employers to formulate employment agreements and policies in line with global best practice.

Our cutting-edge services range from complex issues of labour and employment to compensation, remote working, industrial actions, severance payments, unlawful termination of employments, pension matters, and office disputes.

We also represent clients in matters involving Confidentiality Agreements, Constructive Dismissal, Employment Contracts and Non-compete Agreements.