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Do you need a compliance checklist for your business? Regulatory compliance is required in every business and it is important for an organization to be aware of the risks it faces by failure to comply with regulations.

The following compliance checklist will help you determine if your company is sufficiently legally protected in different areas of business concerns. For more information or clarification speak to a lawyer

Compliance Checklist -Contracts

yes   no       Are all of the company’s important agreements in writing?

yes   no       Are there good form contracts in place?

yes   no       Do the contracts provide for disputes to be resolved in courts in the city where the company’s principal office is located?

yes  no       Are all important clauses covered in the contract? Get a contract lawyer to draft or review your agreements

yes   no       Does the contract say that amendments to the contract may only be made in writing?

yes  no       Are there provisions in the company’s standard form contracts regarding limiting the company’s liability?

yes   no       Is the company complying with the terms of its contracts and leases?


Compliance Checklist- Government Filings

yes   no       Has the company obtained its Tax Identification number?

yes   no       Have any required local and state licenses and permits been obtained?

yes   no       Has the company qualified to do business in all states it is required to?

yes  no       Have all annual information statements  and post incorporation fillings been made to the relevant authority.

Contact us here for your post incorporation and tax filings

Compliance Checklist- Intellectual Property Protection

yes   no       Have trademark and copyright registrations been obtained for company products and services?

yes   no       Is the “TM”  or “(C)” notice displayed properly on all company literature?

yes   no       Have patents been applied for company-owned inventions and discoveries?

yes   no       Is a trade secret protection program appropriate?

yes   no       Have employees signed appropriate Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreement?

yes   no       Have consultants and independent contractors signed appropriate Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreements?

yes   no       Is the company infringing the intellectual property rights of others?

yes   no       Is there a program in place to determine if others are violating the company’s intellectual property rights?

yes   no       Are all needed licenses obtained?

yes   no       Is the company complying with all license agreements to which it is a licensee?

Compliance Checklist- Employment

yes   no       Does the Company have an employment policy in place?

yes   no       Do interviewers of prospective employees know what they can and can’t ask?

yes   no       Is there a Non-Discrimination Policy in place?

yes   no       Is each prospective employee required to fill out a good form of Employment Application?

yes   no       Are employees treated fairly and evenly?

yes  no       Is there a Sexual Harassment Policy in place?

yes   no       Are job offer letters to new employees carefully drafted?

yes  no       Does the company have all needed forms from employees?

Record Keeping

yes   no       Is the company keeping good records of its income and expenses?

yes   no       Is the company keeping track of all of its contracts?

yes   no       Is the company keeping track of all employee records?

yes   no       Is the company keeping track of all tax filings required?


Has the company determined the applicability of the following laws to its business?

yes   no       Environmental laws

yes   no       Worker Safety laws

yes   no       Securities laws

yes   no       Consumer protection laws

yes   no       Advertising laws

yes   no       Employment laws

yes   no       Product liability laws

yes   no       Corporate laws

yes   no       Tax laws

yes   no       Commercial and Real Property laws

If you answered No to a lot of the questions that means you still have a lot of work to do in ensuring that your business is legally protected. The goal is to ensure that the answer to most or all of the questions is YES

Please note that the list is not exhaustive, feel free to contact us here or call 07057907991 for more information or clarification.


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